Modern Digital Applications in Administration

ΕΝΑΡΞΗ: Starts at Regular Intervals

The purpose of the educational program "Modern Digital Applications in Administration" is to familiarize students with Modern Digital Applications, such as Digital Signature, Digital Certificates, Digital Response with Public and Telecommuting & Teleconferencing.

The program is implemented by the method of remote asynchronous teleshopping, is 200 hours long and the presence of trainees in live meetings is not required.

This program comprises the following thematic sections:

  • Basic functions of modern Digital Applications ICT
  • What is a digital signature?
  • The procedures for issuing digital certificates
  • The installation of digital certificates
  • Use of Digital Signatures in Government Procurement
  • Electronic Government Services
  • Time Management and Planning
  • Manage Priorities
  • Modern electronic office organizing tools
  • The main functions of the Gmail
  • The Google Calendar Features
  • Use Google spelling and translation checkers
  • Online File Conversion Services
  • The encryption of files and folders
  • Authentication and digital signatures
  • Office management from anywhere
  • The use of search engines
  • Teleworking: an opportunity for more productive businesses and a better life for workers
  • Online Collaboration
  • The main functions of the Microsoft Teams application

This training program is aimed at:

  • Employees and Executives in the Public and Private Sector
  • Business and Organization Consultants on application and use of digital applications and tools
  • Adult Trainers of the specific sector, object and sector
  • Executives of enterprises and organizations in this field, subject and field who wish to pursue this subject in adult education programs

Graduates of the program receive:

  • 1 point in the scope of the advertised positions in the selection of trainers in P.V.T.I. and SCS
  • Attestation of Training of APOPSI V.T.C.
  • Discount on subsequent training programs of APOPSI

Zafeiri Staurianna


STARTS: Starts at Regular Intervals
DURATION: 200 hours