Compliance with Environmental Conditions in Projects and Activities

ΕΝΑΡΞΗ: Starts at Regular Intervals

This training program aims to educate those interested in the observance of environmental conditions in projects and activities.

The program is implemented by the method of distance asynchronous teleshopping, it is of a duration of 400 hours and the presence of trainees in live meetings is not required.

The program shall consist of the following thematic sections:

  • Environmental conditions for plant installation and operation
  • Environmental conditions for technical and other infrastructure projects
  • Financing of environmental projects and activities and environmental objectives
  • Specific Environmental Conditions in the Design, Implementation and Supervision of Projects – Environmental Impact Studies
  • Monitoring of indicators and quality of recipients

This training program is aimed at:

  • Employees and Executives, regardless of the level and subject of training, who wish to deal with the specific subject
  • Higher education graduates who wish to specialize in this work area
  • Adult Agricultural and Food Trainers
  • Executives of food business and organizations wishing to teach this subject in adult education programs

Graduates of the program receive:

  • 1 point in the scope of the advertised positions in the selection of trainers in P.V.I.T. and SSC
  • Attestation of Training of APOPSI V.T.C.
  • Discount on subsequent training programs of APOPSI

Zafeiri Staurianna


STARTS: Starts at Regular Intervals
DURATION: 400 hours