Medical Visitor

ΕΝΑΡΞΗ: Starts at Regular Intervals

The purpose of the educational program "Medical Visitor" is to offer the necessary knowledge and skills, so that participants can familiarize themselves with and train themselves on the necessary knowledge and skills that should be available to anyone exercising the specific profession.


The program is implemented by the method of distance asynchronous teleshopping, it is 400 hours long and the presence of trainees in live meetings is not required.

This program consists of the following thematic sections:

  • Admission to the profession of medical visitor
  • Basic principles of pharmacology
  • Nosology
  • Physiology
  • Medical visitor profile
  • Sales-communication techniques
  • Pharmaceutical marketing
  • Legislation and ethics
  • Good Manufacturing Practice

The program is aimed at:

(a) medical guests wishing to attest to their knowledge by gaining an advantage in the labor market;


(b) workers wishing to take up the profession of medical visitor.

Graduates of the program receive:

1 molecule in the scope of the advertised positions in the selection of trainers in P.V.I.T. and SSC

Attestation of Training of APOPSI

Discount on subsequent training programs of the APOPSI

Zafeiri Staurianna


STARTS: Starts at Regular Intervals
DURATION: 400 hours